Words will save your life

Visual communication consists of images and text. While imaging media enable ever more impressive visual flights of fancy, the written word is considered a bore. Rightly so? Does anyone even read this? In two consecutive events, Henrik Pfeiffer explains what makes a good text, how to inspire an audience with it, how to find the right words (yes, even for headlines) and why text work will remain - at least for the time being - an equal part of the creative industry.

Part I
Wednesday, 16.11.2022

Why everyone advertises all the time
The crisis of writing competence
Manipulation for beginners
Text stylistics (advertising, news, magazines, online, book texts)
Basics of storytelling
Developing narratives
Recognising and serving (reader) target groups

Part II
Thursday, 17.11.2022

Headlines, sublines, teasers
Methods for text optimisation
How important are spelling and grammar?
Differences between spoken and written language
Legalities (What is allowed to write?)
What can I achieve with text work? (Career, cultural contribution, self-discovery)

About the lecturer:

Henrik Pfeiffer has worked in every conceivable writing profession - as a magazine journalist, ghostwriter, speechwriter, book author, online editor, author for radio and TV features, podcasts and, above all, as a copywriter. He gained his experience in companies, editorial offices, production companies and advertising agencies, and his work has won international awards. Today, he advises companies on communication and brand development issues and is involved in promoting young talent through workshops.