The workshop "Black and White Lab" deals with all steps of the creation of a black and white photo from the shooting to the final print and consists of three parts:

photography: after a general introduction on Monday morning, Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning are available for photography. Here you can take photos alone or in small groups in the photo studio or outside the university.

developing films: on Tuesday afternoon all workshop participants develop their exposed black and white films in the photo lab of the Faculty of Design.

making enlargements: in the third part of the workshop, workshop participants will be divided into three groups with a maximum of four people per group. These groups go into the darkroom to make black and white prints from their selected photos either on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Each workshop participant will have only one day (i.e. Wednesday, Thursday or Friday) to produce the enlargements, which is why the whole time required to produce the black and white photos is just three days.

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Here are a few more notes:

  • Due to the small size of the photo lab the number of participants is limited to 12.
  • To participate in the workshop, basic knowledge of photography is an advantage, but not mandatory.
  • If someone owns an analog 35mm or medium format camera, she/he should bring it to the first day of the workshop.
  • Black and white film and photo paper can be purchased at the Faculty of Design's Photo Workshop.
  • Analog photography in general and the production of black and white enlargements in particular, are quite different from digital photography in terms of time and costs of materials.
  • For the workshop, material costs of at least 25 € are to be expected.